Out-of-the-box user administration

Development platform for JAVA/J2EE environments

Complete, centralized Identity Management Solution utilized by small and medium-sized companies to manage their user administration go:Identity is ready for operation. within a very short period of time. Besides roles, user self-service as well as workflow and approval processes, it also offers the best functions tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized companies.

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C-IAM:The customer takes center stage

go:Consumer is a comprehensive, centralized solution that enables you to take a 360° approach to manage the identities of your customers and partners.

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The Role Management Tool as additional advantage of your IAM

go:Roles is a comprehensive tool for designing, controlling and maintaining business role models as part of an Identity Management Solution (IDM). It serves both the initial entitlement analysis for role modeling in the introduction of an IAM system with role-based authorization management (RBAC) and the ongoing role maintenance in IAM operation.

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Development platform for JAVA/J2EE environments

COGNITUM is a tool for the particularly fast creation, publication and maintenance of business applications of any size. COGNITUM produces standardized and highly secure Java-based web applications with a minimum of effort for application developers. Save up to 80% of programming effort and development costs! COGNITUM offers an easy integration of your company data and other applications.

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Vendor Solutions

Strong vendors for choosing the right solutions

If you want to offer the best quality, you have to work together with the best partners. When choosing our software partners, we adhere to rigorous selection processes to provide you with the most efficient combination of processes, resources and solutions. We offer you the products and solutions of our partners in the area of ​​Identity & Access Management (IAM), IT Security and IT Service Management (ITSM)