Our Portfolio - individual and specialized


ITConcepts is passionate about the services we provide and ensure we deliver professional and reliable support. Our offerings are continually reviewed and updated to current market requirements and expanded accordingly. Specialist and IT-specific topics are examined and integrated into our existing portfolio. Every industry has its own specificities - that's why we also develop individual solutions and knowledge for specific industries like Healthcare, Energy, Finance, etc. We understand unique requirements and our best practices and solutions are designed to be configurable based on individual needs.

What sets us apart

  • Consulting the complete Lifecycle of your IT solution
  • Decades of project experience with companies across industries
  • Knowledge at all levels (Engineer to Architect to Senior Management Consultant)
  • Consulting throughout the lifecycle of IT solutions

IT Security & Identity Access Management

Our IAM team supports partner solutions and consultation that is vendor agnostic. For small and medium-sized companies, we have developed a preconfigured virtual appliance called go:Identity, which is based on our many years of professional services delivering IAM partner solutions.

Managed Services

ITConcepts can provide ongoing services to support operations and system administration of applications. Our operational support is individually defined with our customers to address unique needs and requirements by customer.